At Ground Level might not seem like an enlightened term, I mean, if you are reading this you are probably working toward Up and Out, am I right? But I like a challenge: when I look differently at the mundane and commonplace what opens up for me and what can I learn?

all around us

Like leaves. Mostly we admire their shapes, colors, and shade (asphalt parking lot+105° -need I say more?) During grateful moments we might also acknowledge a leaf’s function to feed us the oxygen we require but how often do we extend our interest to a leaf that’s past its prime? Maybe a playful stomp through piles of dried leaves (Sweet Gum are my fave!), or we find ourselves on Naked and Afraid and we need tinder to cook the three itty-bitty hermit crabs we caught (I am nothing but positivity here!)  Yes, there is use in what might seem useless but can we see the beauty?


Not too long ago, on a morning walk through my neighborhood, a lone partially shriveled leaf in the street caught my eye.

I pointed it out to my husband as I fumbled around for my phone.

My husband stopped to focus on what I was pointing at, uncertain that he was looking at what I wanted him to notice.

Do you see the hummingbird? I asked.

And there it was, curled on the pavement, a small leaf in the process of decomposing, and it had a message for me. I was in the midst of one of life’s transitions and had many questions about the what, where, when, and how. Was I? Could I? Here was an answer sitting in the middle of the street!

Be present with joy.

Hummingbird shaped leaf on the pavement.

Right then I committed to move forward with my healing practice and the name was born- Hummingbird Alchemy. Joy is transformative!

So even a leaf that’s jumped off its perch has promise and a purpose, don’t you think?

Thanks for spending a moment with me looking at things At Ground Level.

One thought on “At Ground Level: a leaf

  1. I see the hummingbird! And now I know where your business name originated! This also gives you a clue I’m finally spending time at your website rather than read a magazine while I sit under the hair dryer. Namaste.

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