I recently came across two old envelops snugly filed away. One was weathered and showed its age with the shade of yellow that only archived paper achieves. Hidden within this envelop -postmarked Albuquerque 1959- was a letter to my grandmother “written” by a two-week old me. The other envelop from the past, too, but not quite as ancient, was addressed to me in the shaky but determined script of a two year old. This was my first real Mother’s Day card. My heart was tugged by the bookends of love I held in my hand.

Here’s an excerpt from the letter to my grandmother that got me thinking…

Now, let me tell you about Mommy. I catch her watching me nearly all the time. And I know she has to restrain herself from picking me up. It’s really going to be hard for her not to spoil me. She especially likes my waking periods when it takes me five minutes of yawns and stretches plus a thousand different faces to wake up.

Yes, I was cute!

Divine Mom Magic

I wondered at the magic of being at the center of adoration. It’s effortless as an innocent babe but then we grow up and relationships get complicated with layers of expectations. Not all of us feel we got the nurturing or care or attention we needed. That sense of lack can send us looking in all kinds of places for a soft place to land. So I ask you, can you take a moment today and imagine seeing yourself with a gaze of love? You, just you, gazing at your whole self with pure amazement and incredulity feeling the Divine Love for the gift you are.

You have to be grateful when your mother has a short name and you can start that name with whichever letter is easiest to write!

Happy Mothers’ Day to all who nurture.

Leave a comment and let me know if you gave yourself a big warm mom’s hug today.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful moment, memory, and reminder of what it feels like to be loved, to love and be love.

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