With March comes a renewed longing to find that elusive four-leaf clover- the epitome of luck. As a kid, did you ever fashion a four-leaf out of a common three plus “extra” and then scream your bloody head off to get your friends’ attention while you held your hand steady so as not to disturb your make-shift lucky find? Not saying I did that, just heard that that happened sometimes.

Pot o’ gold
What’s your lucky number?

Lucky Charms! If you didn’t eat a bowl of them as a kid, you at least learned something about what the folks around you believed brought them luck. Was it a horseshoe or ladybug? Bamboo or a bright copper penny? Maybe you have a favorite lucky number. Perhaps it’s the sight of a rainbow and the promise of riches that elicits squeals of delight. Did you know that fuzzy dice were born from a practice among World War II fighter pilots to bring along a lucky talisman, often dice or playing cards, on missions with dangerous odds? The Deccofelt Corporation capitalized on this tradition after the war and created the felted tchotchkes that have been a ubiquitous part of car culture since 1959. How’s that for a pot of gold?

self-made luck?

That brings me to musing about luck; do we wait around hoping luck will find us or do we make our own luck?

We probably all know someone who is referred to as “lucky.” Depending on the circumstances, they might be called, more specifically, “that lucky S.O.B.” What makes them so?

Tennessee Williams said, “Luck is believing you’re lucky.”

Yes, belief is the backbone of our intention and, as you know, living with intention is key. Through empowerment coaching I help people clarify their intentions. Let’s take a look at one way we can expand upon this practice of belief. I’ll use the acronym L.U.C.K.


L = love

U = unlocks

C = core

K = knowledge

With unconditional love we have trust in, and unrestricted access to, our intuition, our core knowledge. In trust we reach a neutral but benevolently insightful place of willingness and acceptance. Listening to our inner wisdom leads us to make the right (and courageous) choices and our “luck” becomes our belief that everything is always working out for me and, by Divine design, love allows for our luck to work for the highest good and best for all. And if that isn’t lucky, I don’t know what is.

Thanks for spending a moment with me looking at things From Ground Level,

I’ll set the tone for you: Marvin Gaye singing Lucky Lucky Me

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