Chicks count

Nail polish! What a splendid way to celebrate my fingers and toes! My hands and feet do so much for me: they feed me, get me places, create things, help me connect, heal and support me. How could we ever have mastered 1-2-3-4 without counting off on our forefingers, middle fingers, ring fingers…?

Counting down and back to balance

You can use your fingers as a quick reminder to rebalance whenever you find yourself in a scattered state of mind, or feeling less than grounded, and you are in-between Reiki or Coaching sessions. No expensive tools or extensive time commitment are needed to bring you back to a centered, more balanced, place of being – just five fingers and this simple counting down technique.

Begin by breathing slowly and fully into your body, allowing both the back and front of your body to expand. Slowly release the breath and continue breathing in your natural rhythm.

Look around you. Become aware of and note five things in your visual field. Inhale and exhale.

Name four things you can feel right now. Allow your breath to enter and exit.

Acknowledge three different sounds you hear right now. In-spire and out-spire.

Recognize two smells. Receive the breath and release it.

Discern one thing you taste. Inhale the gift of your life and exhale your gratitude.

Back to the present


The gift of this counting down technique is its ability to bring us back to the present. That’s where our healing is empowered: the here and now.

Give me a high five(!) and leave a comment to let me know how this helps.

Thanks for spending a moment with me looking at things At Ground Level,


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