Solstice is one way that Nature balances. We can harness the energy of this natural balancing point of light and dark between the seasons to more closely examine our own needs. Create a Solstice Sun Grid to activate your intentions. What in your life needs to be brought into the light? What is ready to be burned away?

The world needs your brilliance

Our lives are nuanced through the interplay of light and shadow. This dimension provides our growth edge, the precipice where we learn and expand. I think it safe to say that most of us danced on the precipice of light and dark during the last year, looking for balance. We were forced to peer under the rocks or pull back the curtain to reveal parts of ourselves we didn’t understand or want to acknowledge. At the same time, weren’t there times when we marveled at our tenacity or how we were able to pluck a latent talent (like patience!!) out of seemingly thin air? I am continuously fascinated by the human spirit and how each of us navigate life in an effort to find clarity and create balance but too often we exert so much effort trying to keep ourselves small and shadowed by fears of our own brilliance. When we summon the courage to peer into our darkness we catch a glint of the gems that are buried there: our compassion, our divinity, our leadership, our wisdom. Embracing our Light doesn’t mean we eclipse others. In fact, self-acceptance expands the warm glow of Love into the world and helps others reveal their own shiny-ness.

Revealing my shiny-ness

Ahhh…life in balance!

A great pleasure of my work as a Reiki Therapist and Empowerment Coach is the opportunity to help clients find alignment and balance and to bear witness as others experience their own Lightness. It is an ever-unfolding adventure that reveals treasure the more open we are to our journey.

A personal revelation that emerged from the darkness of 2020 was a desire to share my love for the language of Astrology. Doing the deep dive and reflecting on bringing this skill into the light of day took a bit of time but I am happy to report that I’m adding Astrology readings to my Hummingbird Alchemy services. As a start, I offer two types of readings: Natal Chart and Astro Call to Action. The Astro CTA is a perfect compliment to the Solstice Grid activity below. Need clarity around the themes that keep cycling through your life? Want more information about your gifts and how you are being called to use them? Book an Astro CTA reading!

Grid your intentions

Writing your intentions gives form to the formless. Thoughts that endlessly rattle around in your head do just that, rattle around. Committing the thought into the physical form of words on paper gives energy direction. The Universe loves a good map. Once you set the coordinates, you must trust the GPS and enjoy the trip!

Create a solstice Sun Grid

Give yourself time and space to reflect on one, some, or all of these prompts. Journal or discuss your insights with a friend or loved one. Make it a festive occasion and sip on this Solstice Sun Tea I shared last year.

  • Describe the unique ways you shine in the world. (Go ahead -brag- it’s okay to feel good about yourself!)
  • Which of your talents need to be brought more fully into the light? What’s tucked away at the back of the closet that is nagging at you to acknowledge and embrace?
  • Are there any fears or expectations from other people that you need to release in order to be more shiny in the world?

1. Draw a large sun shape or download this template I created. I cut mine out to create 3D rays.

2. Use the insights you gained during your reflective writing to create affirmations for any situations you want to bring to light. Write each one along a sunbeam. (Do you need to fill every ray? No! One solid intention is significant.) For example:

Light shines on ___________. Clarity allows me to move forward with courage.

_________________ is exposed. I release it.

3. If you would like, you can grid your Sun with crystals, flowers or herbs of your choice. I draw a spiral in the center and activate my grid by tracing over it with my finger in and back out with this invocation. 

(spiral in) Divine Light and Love shine your healing rays on all aspects of my life; igniting my talents and exposing and burning away the unnecessary fear I carry.

(spiral out) With clarity I see my choices and share my gifts with confidence.

4. Leave your grid where it will get some sun exposure – outside, or inside on a window sill or table. After a day or two, complete the ritual either through burning your intentions (fire & air) or by tearing into small pieces and burying them (earth & water). And so it is.

Bring more light to your intentions by leaving a note here to share what you want to activate in your life.

Summer blessings!

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