Spring brings a fresh energy that can move us and shake us. Raise your Swiffer if you’re a fan of a good Spring cleaning! Sometimes, though, we can be overwhelmed by our to-do lists and/or we feel we lack the willpower or discipline to accomplish anything and…here…comes…the…guilt…ugh!

When we connect our willpower with our heart, though, we create a synergism for inspired action. After all, discipline shares the same root word as disciple; be the student and listen to your own heart! Taking action from the heart cuts the noise of the ego – the coulda/woulda/shouldas – and gives us a greater clarity of how and where our energy best serves the greatest good for all.  


Here’s a mindful technique I learned from my yogi friend, Lisa. This pose is called tadasana so give it a try whenever you feel low in confidence or you are beating yourself up for lacking the discipline to follow through.

A mindful technique: roots, hearth, and heart.

In a standing posture, activate your energetic roots by moving your feet. See the roots of light moving downward to tether you to this life on earth at the same time the light moves up through your feet and legs. Picture this light as your fuel. What fuels your passion and drive? Is it color? Conversation? Movement? Your garden? Making people laugh? Whatever brings you a sense of harmony and beauty is your fuel.

Now see this fuel moving up to fill that area around your diaphragm. This area around your mid-section begins glowing with light that brightens as your roots feed it with your interests and passions. See the warmth expand out from your body, front and back, and top to bottom Think of this area, known as the solar plexus chakra, as your hearth. As the hearth, it provides both the warmth you shine into the world as well as your protection and boundaries.

Connect this light with your heart-space as you bring your shoulders up to meet your ears. As you press your shoulders tight against your ears, imagine squeezing out the heavy unproductive feelings of guilt and responsibility that you carry. Release the tension as you drop your arms, rolling your shoulders back. Your chest is lifted, torso expanded and spacious, hands open and relaxed. Feel how the strong connection between your heart and mid-section in this posture confidently announces Ta-da! I am here, ready and willing.

What fuels your fire?

Share your inspired acts by leaving a comment. And if you want to delve more deeply into the heart/action connection, book a Reiki or Empowerment session.



2 thoughts on “DIY: Spring Cleaning – Aligning with Inspired Action

  1. I’m fangirling all over the place right now! Love this entire environment you’ve created, love your positive energy, love you. The image of you I carry in my heart is as a queen on a school-play throne. You were born to be the queen of all you survey, and you stepped up and owned that early. Bless you for encouraging other women to do the same.

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