Each Solstice gives us an opportunity to pause and celebrate our place in the natural rhythm of life. Life is a balance of giving and receiving, the play between light and shadow, and the reciprocity of gravity and grace.

Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere brings attention to the life-giving and life-sustaining power of sunlight, without which we could not thrive. The Sun illuminates the characteristics of leadership, courage, and strength while it unflinchingly reveals the unvarnished truth and need to take action when responsibility calls.

Hands On

In this short video, I demonstrate the technique Sun in Hands so you can mindfully connect to your own healing Light at any time. It is brief but, I promise, empowering. And you won’t need any extra sunscreen! Feel free to share it with anyone you think will benefit from more sunlight in their life.

A technique to help you connect to your own healing Light.

Be Shiny!

Grace and Gravity

If action calls you to seek additional support to connect with and empower your Light, book a Clarity Call with me or check out my Reiki and Empowerment Coaching services.



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