What is a personal Empowerment Coach?

I believe an empowerment coach is like having the three types of friends every woman needs:

  • the friend that is the soft shoulder to cry on –  There, there, sweetie.
  • the friend who will defend you to the end –  How dare they do that to you!
  • the friend who holds the mirror up and asks – OK, what’s your part in this equation?

As a Personal Empowerment Coach, I am like having a three-in-one friend. I believe in order to take action on our intentions to change an aspect of our life, we have to be able to take an honest look at our emotional history and what remnants of lower resonating emotions like, guilt, grief, and fear are still lingering in the background. Unresolved emotions will always find a way to come back to life and pull us away from making the sustained changes we desire.

Wants vs. beliefs

If the world was fueled by wants we would live lives where everything on our to-do list got ta-done!

  • Great relationships ✅
  • Healthy body ✅
  • Soul satisfying work ✅

But the secret ingredient to a life well-lived is not wanting it, it’s believing it. Belief in yourself affords you an unrestricted vantage point from where you can locate your happiness and purpose, whether it be your career, relationships, finances, or health. Empowered belief ignites powerful action.

how i work

As your empowerment coach, I want to help you connect to and develop a deep trust in your own wisdom –your intuition– because you already own the keys to your power. While a life coach might give you a checklist of tasks to accomplish in order to reach tangible goals, I am here as an empowerment coach to give you context and perspective on the beliefs you may hold -sometimes unknowingly- that keep you from accessing those keys that you need to reach your goals.

Clients tell me I show them their issue or situation in a way they never considered before. These life changing ‘aha’ moments are a result of gaining a wide-view of possibility while having a reliable guide beside you. To help clients reach those ‘aha moments,’ I use a creative combination of processes: coaching from the body, using specific questioning, guided meditations, and journal writing, just to name a few. Through the unique filter of my intuitive gifts, I can offer you the support and/or challenge you need to shift yourself out of a stuck emotional place. Instead of feeling disconnected or uncertain you discover the clarity you need to make empowered choices and take the action needed to live your authentic life. Each hour-long private empowerment coaching session is conducted on-line via Zoom. Sessions are recorded so you can concentrate on the process and return to it for additional insights. Each session is distinctive to your needs and intentions but typically clients report feeling more hopeful at the end of just one session. Greater clarity often comes with a few follow-up sessions as the emotional cobwebs are cleared away and a sense of courage and freedom emerge.

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An empowerment coach helps you gain a wide-lens view. Author in NM, USA
Gain a wide-lens view

During my career as an educator, I was a Master Teacher and Peer Coach, always working to develop my skills to unearth the hidden gems of talent and possibility in others. My training took a more personal path in 2015 when I began my Reiki energy healing practice and began to study the physical impact emotions, like anger, have on our bodies when they are left to fester. As I learned more about energy, I learned the importance of taking personal responsibility for how we direct and protect our own energy. Supporting others in developing and maintaining healthy personal boundaries is a key focus of my coaching mission. More recently, I completed certification as a personal empowerment coach. Here I acquired additional processes and interventions that I have incorporated into my sessions to help women discover and change the limiting beliefs that keep them from living life fully. It is an enormous honor and pleasure to connect with and work with women around the world.

Am i the right coach for you?

I could be the perfect coach for you if

An Empowerment Coach helps you discover your frame of reference. Natural stone arch Rainbow Bridge, AZ
          What is your frame of reference?

  • you are ready to take a honest look at your life
  • you can commit to the rigorous personal inquiry required
  • you sincerely want change and not a scapegoat
  • you are ready to take responsibility for your choices
  • you are curious about what you will discover on the other side of your fears

I am not the right coach for you if

  • “but” is your favorite word
  • getting a coach is someone else’s idea
  • life is so busy you won’t make time for yourself

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Still wondering if we would be a good fit? A 20-minute Clarity Call with me will give you a chance to hear my voice, share your concerns, and get some general questions answered. In addition, once you book your free discovery call you will receive a Contentment Gauge to complete. This short but sweet mini-survey gives you some insights into your satisfaction level across six areas of your life. I would love to hear what’s on your mind. Then I’ll ask, “What’s your gut telling you to do?”

Fear is a natural part of growth and development, so don’t let that voice drown out the powerful potential of working with an empowerment coach. However, empowerment coaching is not a substitute for quality health care and therapy. If you are suffering from any condition that impacts your quality of life, please seek the help of a qualified medical practitioner.

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