pink velour stuffed dice with rhinestones

At Ground Level: fuzzy dice

With March comes a renewed longing to find that elusive four-leaf clover- the epitome of luck. As a kid, did you ever fashion a four-leaf out of a common three plus “extra” and then scream your bloody head off to get your friends’ attention while you held your hand steady so as not to disturb your make-shift lucky find? Not saying I did that, just heard that that happened sometimes.

Pot o’ gold
What’s your lucky number?

Lucky Charms! If you didn’t eat a bowl of them as a kid, you at least learned something about what the folks around you believed brought them luck. Was it a horseshoe or ladybug? Bamboo or a bright copper penny? Maybe you have a favorite lucky number. Perhaps it’s the sight of a rainbow and the promise of riches that elicits squeals of delight. Did you know that fuzzy dice were born from a practice among World War II fighter pilots to bring along a lucky talisman, often dice or playing cards, on missions with dangerous odds? The Deccofelt Corporation capitalized on this tradition after the war and created the felted tchotchkes that have been a ubiquitous part of car culture since 1959. How’s that for a pot of gold?

self-made luck?

That brings me to musing about luck; do we wait around hoping luck will find us or do we make our own luck?

We probably all know someone who is referred to as “lucky.” Depending on the circumstances, they might be called, more specifically, “that lucky S.O.B.” What makes them so?

Tennessee Williams said, “Luck is believing you’re lucky.”

Yes, belief is the backbone of our intention and, as you know, living with intention is key. Through empowerment coaching I help people clarify their intentions. Let’s take a look at one way we can expand upon this practice of belief. I’ll use the acronym L.U.C.K.


L = love

U = unlocks

C = core

K = knowledge

With unconditional love we have trust in, and unrestricted access to, our intuition, our core knowledge. In trust we reach a neutral but benevolently insightful place of willingness and acceptance. Listening to our inner wisdom leads us to make the right (and courageous) choices and our “luck” becomes our belief that everything is always working out for me and, by Divine design, love allows for our luck to work for the highest good and best for all. And if that isn’t lucky, I don’t know what is.

Thanks for spending a moment with me looking at things From Ground Level,

I’ll set the tone for you: Marvin Gaye singing Lucky Lucky Me

At Ground Level: roadside assistance

( With a nod and apology to Jackson Browne & Glenn Frey for takin’ some liberties.)

roadside sunflowers viewed from a moving car
On the road…again

Well, I’m running down the road
Tryin’ to loosen my load
I’ve got seven worries on
My mind
All that wanna haunt me
Two that saw & gnaw me
One says it’s not even mine

How often am I running down the road, running through a list of thoughts, so consumed by the ‘what ifs’ that I am startled when I arrive at my destination –How did I get here?

call 1-800-fix-that-flat

There is roadside assistance available when the coulda/woulda/shouldas take control of your steering wheel. I find support shows up immediately when I take a look out the window and take in the sight of Helianthus annuus. Yes, I’m talking about the common sunflower; available 24/7, no membership required.

Consider the qualities of this plant: It’s tough. It’s scrappy; unfazed by zillions of ants. You will find it sprouting in arid terrain with a dust index level (DIL) that keeps Kleenex profits in the green and yet the sunflower still manages to rise up and bloom in solar arrows of the most audacious hue.

willpower = horsepower

This roadside “weed” most of us drive past on a daily basis says to me: stay present and look out the window instead of into the done/over-withs or maybe/what-ifs. When I see its bright yellow it reminds me to check in with my solar plexus chakra –the point from which we take action to express our courage and willpower- our reason to be here. I ask myself: How am I translating my brightness into the world? What would courage have me do today?

So the next time you’re sidelined by worries & insecurities, think about the faithful, sturdy common sunflower. It holds the key to help get you back on the road.

What will courage have you do today?

You might say I have a thing for sunflowers.

We’ll be talking about the solar plexus at the next Chakra Balancing class. Join us!

Thanks for spending a moment with me looking at things from ground level,

PS Feeling the need for a road song? Vintage Eagles here or the mature and natty Eagles’ version here.

UPDATE: A hand-knit pair of red wool socks is in progress for the first-ever winner of the Hummingbird Alchemy subscription contest! Hopefully she’ll share pictures with us. Thanks to everyone who participated!

At Ground Level: red socks

October is near

‘Tis the season for red socks. No, not that iconic Boston pair with their stats like RBIs & GIDPs. If you know me even just a little bit you know I don’t understand a GIDP but if you know me just a little bit more you know I am going to somehow manage to cleverly sneak in a mention of something hand-knit!

skein of red yarn
the before picture

Actually, ‘tis the season for a lot of things and that’s why I felt inspired to get myself ready with a new pair of hand-knit red wool socks. What ‘lot of things’ do I mean? Runny nose. Sandpaper throat. Achey-breaky joints. Seems the ailments start swirling around us as we ease into Autumn. Thanks to my friend Dr. Carrie Kaiser, MA ND I learned how socks can help me avoid the malaise (tossing in a bit of French for your entertainment & education) with a good ol’ fashion home remedy.

You will need:
  • One pair of thin cotton socks (Yes, I’ve been yammering about wool, but you’ll need both types and knitting a pair of cotton socks is not as fun.) The cotton socks can even be a cheap pair from the hosiery aisle at your grocery store -if your grocery store still has a hosiery aisle –L’Eggs!– just make sure they are made mostly of cotton. Any color works; For me it’s the fond memories of parochial white.
  • One pair of wool socks. These need to be w-o-o-l because wool has natural wicking and thermal-dynamic properties. Think sheep. Think outdoors. Think wet and windy moors. Any color but I’ll explain a little further on why I am a proponent of red. Do you have to knit your own? No, but I’ll tell you later why I think this is a good idea, too.
  • Ice-cold water. Ice-cubes-in-a-bowl-of-water type cold or a ‘Yooper toddy’ as we like to say in my house.
  • Resolve. Yes. That.
Bonus entry if you can identify me in this crowd!
How to use:
  • The first day your body starts sending you signals that you have encountered “the un-friendlies” you want to assemble the items listed above. The sooner you take action, the faster your results, so if you already have the socks in your house you only have to remember where you put them.
  • Just before bed, soak the cotton socks in iced water. Get them nice and wet and then wring them out as best as possible.
  • Put the cold, wet cotton socks on your feet.

[not gonna lie, this takes resolve & will bring back lots of, perhaps un-fond, memories of writhing into a wet bathing suit]

  • Now pull the dry wool socks over the cotton pair and climb into bed. You might experience a few minutes of weirdness, but really that’s just your mind trying to grapple with newness. Tell it to shush.
  • Sleep.
The science behind it as told by me:

While you sleep the vessels in your feet will work to alternately warm then cool the body which activates your circulatory and lymphatic systems. These systems are responsible for delivering the nutrients your organs need to function. At the same time, these systems are working to remove the waste and “un-friendlies” that cause congestion, inflammation, etc. It’s like bringing in an extra cleaning crew to clean during off-hours.

The next morning you will probably feel like you gained the upper hand on this thing as your body continues to do its amazing job defending itself. You might want to repeat again the next night but I’ve never had to do this for more than 2 nights in a row.

Why red?

Colors have an impact on our sense of well-being and influence the flow and amount of energy in our body. Red supports health and physical vitality and studies have looked into the use of the color red to increase resistance to infection. Since the slow deeply grounding energy of red adds an extra boost of healing why not take advantage of the power of red by wearing some while you sleep?

Why knit my own socks?
red hand-knit wool sock in progress
Not just sole-ly functional but fabulous!

[dragging out the sturdy soap box here…I’ll keep it brief] The act of knitting in itself is therapeutic and encourages the synapsis in the brain to be on their best behavior plus the wonder and fulfillment in creating something of substance from twisted fiber is divine. That said, in this case it is the purpose I give to knitting these socks that is of importance. I knit my socks as a means to take control of my health. It is that intent that is important. With each round of stitches and K2, C2/1R, I hold the intention of healing and health for myself. And intention is everything.

here’s your chance

Want your own pair of red wool socks? I’ll be gifting a pair of hand-knit wool socks to one lucky email subscriber – make sure you subscribe before October 10, 2019 at midnight PDT. I’ll randomly choose a winner and will notify this lucky-ducky by email to get all the sizing deets. Don’t think you want socks? Subscribe to my email anyway & you can give away your winning pair to someone else and pretend you knit them yourself!

Already receiving my emails? Leave a comment here and you will receive an extra entry for the hand-knit sock give-away.

finished red wool sock posed with wool chicken footstool
Wishing you good health!

Thanks for spending a moment with me looking at things from ground level,

For those of you fervent knitters in the crowd (is there any other kind?): I’m using Malabrigo Sock in Ravelry Red for the Slow Fade sock pattern by Kate Atherley published by First Fall 2017.

dried flowers in cut glass vase

DIY: Solstice Sun Tea

It is Summer Solstice season and I thought I’d share my adaptation of a favorite recipe that helps infuse your intentions with solar power. The sun embodies the best qualities of the Divine Male: think strength, protection, leadership, and focus. During solstice, a time of balance, we can use this energy to bring clarity to areas of our life that need more balance and/or discipline. The warming spices and bright citrus notes in this tea evoke the best of what the sun offers.

Make your own sunshine

Radiant ingredients

Gather together:

  • 1 ginger turmeric teabag
  • 1 chamomile teabag
  • 1 heaping teaspoon dried chrysanthemum flowers
  • A round slice of both a lemon and an orange. Picture the sun in a child’s drawing!
  • About 4 cups of filtered or spring water (a bit more or less works just as well)
  • Glass jar, bowl, or pitcher large enough to hold all the above.
I often use a handful of my tumbled clear quartz crystals, but any stone you love is perfect.

As you add all the ingredients to the container reflect on the gifts and characteristics of the sun – strength, protection, leadership and focus. Set an intention. Use the solstice energy to bring clarity, especially as it relates to balance in any area of your life. Allow light to expose emotional wounds it is time to heal.

Cover – I love to use my sparkly cut glass pitcher so I cover it with a bit of plastic wrap. Set outside in the full sun to steep for several hours. A sunny windowsill will work, too, but leave it to sit longer to brew. If you wish, a favorite stone or crystal placed alongside the tea as it infuses amplifies the energy.

Once the ingredients have had a chance to bloom, strain out the fruit and flowers and place the infusion in the refrigerator. It will keep for a day or two. This is not meant to be a strongly flavored drink – more like a subtle, refreshing solar-charged water.


Refresh & reflect

Simply enjoy sipping your tea throughout the day with a sense of gratitude for all the sun’s benefits, or, drink a glass of tea in a more mindful practice as you meditate and/or journal on the following questions:

  • What area of my life needs more clarity?
  • What fear does the light expose?
  • What would courage have me do?
  • How is my leadership needed right now for the highest good of all?

Leave a comment and let me know what the Summer Solstice revealed for you. Want more support on your journey? Schedule a Reiki or Empowerment Coaching session with me.

Black Lives Matter and me

In the spirit of spreading light, I want to let you know I support Black Lives Matter. Here are some recent steps I have taken to educate myself and support, where I can, a compassionate and empowered change in my country – the USA. I acknowledge that I have had the advantage in my life of White privilege and I must be mindful of what that cost others. When racial inequality and prejudice reared and tore through the fiber community last year, I learned. I learned to listen openly without becoming defensive. I became aware of how diminishing it is to anyone who shares their experience to respond to them with the word “but.” I am still learning. May we all be empowered to speak our hurts AND listen with compassion. May we all be witness to and recipients of healing grace.

I have donated to the NFC Momentum Fund, a donor-advised charitable fund at the Baltimore Community Foundation . The NFC Momentum Fund will be able to receive tax-deductible donations that will be dispersed to a variety of organizations working for justice, empowerment, and equality. I have taken classes from Karida (she dyes the most exquisite yarn colors!) and I know she has used her fiber business to positively impact her community and empower young people in Baltimore.

My reading and homework include, Me and White Supremacy: Combat Racism, Change the World, and Become a Good Ancestor by Layla Saad.

And lastly, but not finally, I recently attended an on-line discussion with several young women of color who wished to share their experiences with race. Each provided those of us in the audience with suggestions for action steps and asked us to share these ideas with our friends and family. One request, from Somalia Brown, struck me in a particular way. Somalia spoke of her fear for her young son. She shared that she now sends prayers to every Black man she sees, praying that he be showered with light and protection. Somalia asked any who believe to send prayer. So, I ask you, if you believe, send prayers, send light, send love. The world needs it.


palm tree in fog

At Ground Level: Tule fog

When you meet someone newly relocated to the grand San Joaquin Valley of Central California the topic of weather will quickly be broached:

                “Hot enough for you? Well lucky for us it’s a dry heat.”


                “Winter’s pretty mild around here ‘cept…for the fog.”

At which point the newly arrived will probably answer, “Oh fog, no I’m used to fog, I grew up in [fill in the blank with the name of somewhere with anemic coastal-style fog.]”

Or better yet, they will tell you they grew up in the Midwest with snow blizzards. If you have good home training you’ll politely smile and welcome them to the area. If you’re not so well-mannered you’ll guffaw and tell them they have no idea what they’re in for. Either way, if you happen to meet up with these folks again a few months into “fog season” you’ll see their self-assurance has eroded and their eyes are bugged out and glassy.

At it’s thickest you cannot tell the difference between Tule fog or my mohair sweater.

“This is way worse than any fog/snow I’ve ever seen. It’s soooooo thick!”

[ “Toldja!” (or, wanted to tell you) so!]

Fog greeted the King kids on their move to California 1964. (However, we left the snow gear back in Michigan.)

Tule (too-lee) fog is a weather phenomenon unique to the San Joaquin Valley. Named after the Tule River, the fog is produced when moist air fills the valley bed and is trapped against the cold damp ground by an inversion layer of warmer air above. Essentially the vapor droplets in the fog freeze forming an impenetrable cloud of suspended ice. Seeing the fog make its winter-y creep into the Valley got me to musing about patience.


Prior to the start of every year, I pull an angel oracle card with a quality to chew on throughout the next year. In essence it becomes my theme for the year and a guide post through the months and events in my life. Patience was my angel message for 2019 and, boy-oh-boy, was this theme thick in my life last year!

She’s knitting!!!

That message of patience drummed loudly as I launched my Hummingbird Alchemy business. It whispered in my ear as various family members encountered challenging situations. I heard it buzzing overhead like fluorescent lighting while I slogged through commitments to projects and groups and decisions related to each of those commitments. I was reminded to be patient all year long and I would

[insert huff of breath right here]

tell myself to be patient until I finally had a sit-down with myself to take a closer look at my energy exchange with my “need” for patience.

waiting vs. patience

I looked at my expectation that patience must have a pace; that even in the pause we consider to be our place of rest inside patience there is still that straining against the reins that the gallop will soon commence if I just take a breath right here…and wait. But waiting and being patient are not the same thing. Waiting is expectation nursing a giant Tootsie Pop – someday you’ll reach that chewy center. On the other hand as I’ve recently discovered, patience has no outcome, no chewy nougat reward at the end.

in the mist

 And that brings me back to Tule fog…Have you ever tried to keep an object clearly in your sight lines with the fog swirling around you? Impossible, no? In fact, the strain can bring on hallucinations. Instead, if we relax into the fog surrounding us and soften our gaze, our other senses heighten.  We are brought back to ourselves to a sensual experience of life at this precise moment. Fog is not linear. It swirls and curls. Opening up unexpectedly in one moment and then the swallowing whole objects or vistas in the next. There is no need to pause or hold our breath to wait for something to happen. Everything that needs to happen is. Just like those ice crystals suspended in air. It might seem like they are stuck, held in stasis, but without watching and waiting events are occurring. Tule fog contributes its unique qualities to the ecosystem just by being. That is the gift of fog. That is the gift of patience.

I wanted reassurance that patience had a pace, that it moved me closer to a finish line, but I have come to realize that I can’t make slow or fast from patience. I can, however, find peace.

Can you find it, too?

Thanks for spending a moment with me looking at things From Ground Level,

P.S. Feel like you need some peace and patience in your life? Schedule a session with me

P.P.S. Freedom is my 2020 angel. I’ll keep you posted.

At Ground Level: a shopping cart

The scene

A spacious strip mall parking lot. Sunlight glazes over the cages of hefty shopping carts strewn across the asphalt like grazing sheep. You see a few carts caught drunkenly hanging half-in the greenspace planter, half-out. Over there to the far left are carts –almost where they belong- jim-jammed in a holding pattern they can’t break free of, a zig-zaggy chain that spills over the line of their holding corral -students just waiting for the teacher to turn away so they can make a break for it.

As I gingerly maneuver my car through this minefield in an effort to keep my (fairly new) automotive finish from a forced kiss with woven metal on wheels, a thought comes to mind: too often we treat our energy like these shopping carts.

Wait! Hear me out…

When we aren’t conscientious caretakers of our Light and don’t maintain healthy energetic boundaries we leave emotional turmoil in our wake.

Have you ever…

  • Verbally snapped back at an innocent target then stewed, unresolved, in the guilt?
  • Wanted so desperately for everyone to be happy that bits and pieces of yourself were left in shreds everywhere and you lost track of what you really value?
  • Had to be right and make darn sure everyone around you knew you were right?
  • Blamed everyone and everything for the woulda/coulda/shouldas in your life?
abandoned orange shopping cart
Remember where you parked?

A healthy, mindful life means we stay aware of our shopping cart. We understand and appreciate its function and use it with consciousness. We take responsibility for its care and don’t haphazardly abandon it, leaving it to someone else to wheel back home.

It’s the unfinished business that keeps us stuck out there in the middle of the parking lot.

abandoned metal shopping cart
The getaway car(t)

Want to learn more about maintaining your personal boundaries? I’m teaching a class & I’d love to have you join me.

Thanks for spending a moment with me looking at things from ground level,

At Ground Level: a leaf

At Ground Level might not seem like an enlightened term, I mean, if you are reading this you are probably working toward Up and Out, am I right? But I like a challenge: when I look differently at the mundane and commonplace what opens up for me and what can I learn?

all around us

Like leaves. Mostly we admire their shapes, colors, and shade (asphalt parking lot+105° -need I say more?) During grateful moments we might also acknowledge a leaf’s function to feed us the oxygen we require but how often do we extend our interest to a leaf that’s past its prime? Maybe a playful stomp through piles of dried leaves (Sweet Gum are my fave!), or we find ourselves on Naked and Afraid and we need tinder to cook the three itty-bitty hermit crabs we caught (I am nothing but positivity here!)  Yes, there is use in what might seem useless but can we see the beauty?


Not too long ago, on a morning walk through my neighborhood, a lone partially shriveled leaf in the street caught my eye.

I pointed it out to my husband as I fumbled around for my phone.

My husband stopped to focus on what I was pointing at, uncertain that he was looking at what I wanted him to notice.

Do you see the hummingbird? I asked.

And there it was, curled on the pavement, a small leaf in the process of decomposing, and it had a message for me. I was in the midst of one of life’s transitions and had many questions about the what, where, when, and how. Was I? Could I? Here was an answer sitting in the middle of the street!

Be present with joy.

Hummingbird shaped leaf on the pavement.

Right then I committed to move forward with my healing practice and the name was born- Hummingbird Alchemy. Joy is transformative!

So even a leaf that’s jumped off its perch has promise and a purpose, don’t you think?

Thanks for spending a moment with me looking at things At Ground Level.


What is Reiki?

Everything in and around us, including emotions, is composed of energy and is designed to move. Reiki is a technique of energy healing that uses the flow of rei (higher wisdom) and ki (life force energy) through your energy field to balance, restore and move energy that has stagnated and is causing you un-ease. Reiki treats the total person -body, emotions, mind, and spirit- bringing you into wholeness. While I hold the intention for healing, and help direct the flow of universal life force energy during sessions, you always remain in control of your treatment.  As a gentle hands-near or hands-on treatment, it produces a calm radiance that flows through and around you, while you remain in a comfortable position, fully clothed. This complimentary healing process helps to create many beneficial effects like relaxation while it increases feelings of peace, security, and well-being. Simple, natural, and safe, Reiki is a method of self-healing and self-improvement that can benefit everyone.

Cure vs. healing?

Reiki is considered a compliment to allopathic medicine, not a replacement. We typically search out a cure in an effort to eliminate or remove something unwanted in our life, but, without intending to, reaching outward for a “fix” oftentimes leads to a loss of personal power.  Energy healing, with Reiki being one technique of energy healing, has the end-goal to bring us into balance and wholeness with all aspects of ourselves.

Picture a rainbow. A rainbow is birthed through the balance of sun and rain. Try to remove the rain, what happens? Likewise, can you find the colors without the sun?

Finding the balance and interplay between our physical, emotional, and spiritual energy brings the gift of self-awareness. Self-awareness strengthens our clarity and ability to make better choices which brings us into unity with our relationships and situations in life.

Ready to experience Reiki?

I conduct both in-person and distance Reiki sessions that typically last one hour. If you are in the Fresno, California area, I meet with clients at my office within Luminessence Healing and Health Education Center in Northeast Fresno. Not anywhere near Fresno? Not to fret! Distance sessions can be arranged and are conducted via phone with the option of audio recording.

Peace & healing in-studio

Check session fees, package deals, and my schedule here

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My Reiki path

I began my Reiki work in 2015 with my Usui Level One Attunement and completed my Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master training in 2019. I am blessed to experience my own growth as I share the peace and compassion of Reiki with those on their own healing paths. I would be honored to journey with you.

Empowerment Coaching

What is a personal Empowerment Coach?

I believe an empowerment coach is like having the three types of friends every woman needs:

  • the friend that is the soft shoulder to cry on –  There, there, sweetie.
  • the friend who will defend you to the end –  How dare they do that to you!
  • the friend who holds the mirror up and asks – OK, what’s your part in this equation?

As a Personal Empowerment Coach, I am like having a three-in-one friend. I believe in order to take action on our intentions to change an aspect of our life, we have to be able to take an honest look at our emotional history and what remnants of lower resonating emotions like, guilt, grief, and fear are still lingering in the background. Unresolved emotions will always find a way to come back to life and pull us away from making the sustained changes we desire.

Wants vs. beliefs

If the world was fueled by wants we would live lives where everything on our to-do list got ta-done!

  • Great relationships ✅
  • Healthy body ✅
  • Soul satisfying work ✅

But the secret ingredient to a life well-lived is not wanting it, it’s believing it. Belief in yourself affords you an unrestricted vantage point from where you can locate your happiness and purpose, whether it be your career, relationships, finances, or health. Empowered belief ignites powerful action.

how i work

As your empowerment coach, I want to help you connect to and develop a deep trust in your own wisdom –your intuition– because you already own the keys to your power. While a life coach might give you a checklist of tasks to accomplish in order to reach tangible goals, I am here as an empowerment coach to give you context and perspective on the beliefs you may hold -sometimes unknowingly- that keep you from accessing those keys that you need to reach your goals.

Clients tell me I show them their issue or situation in a way they never considered before. These life changing ‘aha’ moments are a result of gaining a wide-view of possibility while having a reliable guide beside you. To help clients reach those ‘aha moments,’ I use a creative combination of processes: coaching from the body, using specific questioning, guided meditations, and journal writing, just to name a few. Through the unique filter of my intuitive gifts, I can offer you the support and/or challenge you need to shift yourself out of a stuck emotional place. Instead of feeling disconnected or uncertain you discover the clarity you need to make empowered choices and take the action needed to live your authentic life. Each hour-long private empowerment coaching session is conducted on-line via Zoom. Sessions are recorded so you can concentrate on the process and return to it for additional insights. Each session is distinctive to your needs and intentions but typically clients report feeling more hopeful at the end of just one session. Greater clarity often comes with a few follow-up sessions as the emotional cobwebs are cleared away and a sense of courage and freedom emerge.

Schedule a Clarity Call

An empowerment coach helps you gain a wide-lens view. Author in NM, USA
Gain a wide-lens view

During my career as an educator, I was a Master Teacher and Peer Coach, always working to develop my skills to unearth the hidden gems of talent and possibility in others. My training took a more personal path in 2015 when I began my Reiki energy healing practice and began to study the physical impact emotions, like anger, have on our bodies when they are left to fester. As I learned more about energy, I learned the importance of taking personal responsibility for how we direct and protect our own energy. Supporting others in developing and maintaining healthy personal boundaries is a key focus of my coaching mission. More recently, I completed certification as a personal empowerment coach. Here I acquired additional processes and interventions that I have incorporated into my sessions to help women discover and change the limiting beliefs that keep them from living life fully. It is an enormous honor and pleasure to connect with and work with women around the world.

Am i the right coach for you?

I could be the perfect coach for you if

An Empowerment Coach helps you discover your frame of reference. Natural stone arch Rainbow Bridge, AZ
          What is your frame of reference?

  • you are ready to take a honest look at your life
  • you can commit to the rigorous personal inquiry required
  • you sincerely want change and not a scapegoat
  • you are ready to take responsibility for your choices
  • you are curious about what you will discover on the other side of your fears

I am not the right coach for you if

  • “but” is your favorite word
  • getting a coach is someone else’s idea
  • life is so busy you won’t make time for yourself

schedule a free clarity call

Still wondering if we would be a good fit? A 20-minute Clarity Call with me will give you a chance to hear my voice, share your concerns, and get some general questions answered. In addition, once you book your free discovery call you will receive a Contentment Gauge to complete. This short but sweet mini-survey gives you some insights into your satisfaction level across six areas of your life. I would love to hear what’s on your mind. Then I’ll ask, “What’s your gut telling you to do?”

Fear is a natural part of growth and development, so don’t let that voice drown out the powerful potential of working with an empowerment coach. However, empowerment coaching is not a substitute for quality health care and therapy. If you are suffering from any condition that impacts your quality of life, please seek the help of a qualified medical practitioner.

Ready to empower your life?

Make more informed and empowered choices for your life with that sense of lightness and joy we were all born to experience. Start by scheduling your complimentary 20 minute Clarity Call today.

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Welcome! If you are ready to start your transformative journey, you have landed in a safe spot.

My name is Cai of Hummingbird Alchemy where my intention is to empower you as I accompany you along your healing path to find and experience joy either through Reiki, Empowerment Coaching, or a mixture of both.

Little Cai. Big will!

 I’ve had an interest in self-empowerment since my early, early years –just ask my mom, she’ll tell you what a strong-willed child I was! Integrating the mind, body, and spirit through study and practice with several mentors in yoga, meditation, oracle reading and space clearing continued to develop through college on into later adult life until a health crisis created an opportunity for me to put what I had learned to use in order to clear the rage and grief from my body that was keeping me stuck and making me sick. It was here that I found out, really found out, that I hold the power to choose joy and how that choice empowers and transforms the life we live.

Emotions, like energy, are designed to move and that movement brings feelings of freedom and joy. I believe emotions that are not suitably expressed, or allowed to move on, become physical ailments and/or life situations that hold us in the grip of denial, disappointment, despair, and desperation. Through the traditionally-rooted healing practice of Reiki and the modern strategies of Empowerment Coaching, I work with clients to help them discover those stuck embedded emotions that hinder living a life of peace and potential. At the same time, these sessions can lead to a greater awareness of personal boundaries and the benefits of being clear about your intentions.

Along my life journey, I continue to acquire tools that help me become more self-aware- physically, mentally, & emotionally -and to use this self-knowledge to empower my decisions- be it choices about my health, relationships, or reactions to inevitable events in life. I am learning: be Light, travel light & light the way for others. Let me share what I have learned with you.

Want to know more about Reiki? I conduct Reiki in your choice of settings: in-studio, if you are in the Fresno, California area, or by distance via the phone, anywhere else in the world!

Want to know more about Empowerment Coaching? Coaching sessions are conducted by phone and recorded for your benefit.

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P.S. Why Hummingbird Alchemy? It was a whisper from Spirit so I went with it. Doesn’t the sight of zipping and dipping sparkle in flight make your day more magical?

More about cai

Cai King had jobs in food service, retail management, sales, and clerical before she admitted to herself it was time to enter the family business (3rd generation) and got her grown-up job as an elementary teacher. Watching young readers and writers develop was a thrill so she took it to the next level and received her M.A.Ed. with an emphasis in Literary Arts. As Cai discovered, the classroom and staffroom were the perfect training ground to learn to value and trust her intuition. Outside of schoolwork, mindfulness practices such as yoga and meditation, helped Cai stay grounded and calm and led naturally to Reiki training. She began her practice in 2014 and received her certification as a Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master in 2019. Also in 2019, Cai began her Simply Woman Empowerment Training in order to learn additional practical strategies that could help her clients and further expand her wellness business.

Cai met her husband at a parish festival when she was 13 and married him 25 years later (now here’s a life lesson in second, third, fourth…chances!) Together they have three adult children. If you ask them about pets, he will show you his guitars and she will show you picture after picture of skeins of yarn. Home is smack-dab in the middle of California where Cai is grateful for the blessings in her life and the hummingbirds in her backyard.