What is Reiki?

Everything in and around us, including emotions, is composed of energy and is designed to move. Reiki is a technique of energy healing that uses the flow of rei (higher wisdom) and ki (life force energy) through your energy field to balance, restore and move energy that has stagnated and is causing you un-ease. Reiki treats the total person -body, emotions, mind, and spirit- bringing you into wholeness. While I hold the intention for healing, and help direct the flow of universal life force energy during sessions, you always remain in control of your treatment.  As a gentle hands-near or hands-on treatment, it produces a calm radiance that flows through and around you, while you remain in a comfortable position, fully clothed. This complimentary healing process helps to create many beneficial effects like relaxation while it increases feelings of peace, security, and well-being. Simple, natural, and safe, Reiki is a method of self-healing and self-improvement that can benefit everyone.

Cure vs. healing?

Reiki is considered a compliment to allopathic medicine, not a replacement. We typically search out a cure in an effort to eliminate or remove something unwanted in our life, but, without intending to, reaching outward for a “fix” oftentimes leads to a loss of personal power.  Energy healing, with Reiki being one technique of energy healing, has the end-goal to bring us into balance and wholeness with all aspects of ourselves.

Picture a rainbow. A rainbow is birthed through the balance of sun and rain. Try to remove the rain, what happens? Likewise, can you find the colors without the sun?

Finding the balance and interplay between our physical, emotional, and spiritual energy brings the gift of self-awareness. Self-awareness strengthens our clarity and ability to make better choices which brings us into unity with our relationships and situations in life.

Ready to experience Reiki?

I conduct both in-person and distance Reiki sessions that typically last one hour. If you are in the Fresno, California area, I meet with clients at my office within Luminessence Healing and Health Education Center in Northeast Fresno. Not anywhere near Fresno? Not to fret! Distance sessions can be arranged and are conducted via phone with the option of audio recording.

Peace & healing in-studio

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My Reiki path

I began my Reiki work in 2015 with my Usui Level One Attunement and completed my Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master training in 2019. I am blessed to experience my own growth as I share the peace and compassion of Reiki with those on their own healing paths. I would be honored to journey with you.