What is Reiki?

Everything in and around us, including our emotions, is energy and energy is designed to move. Reiki is a technique of energy healing that uses our own rei (higher wisdom) and ki (life force energy) to flow healing through our physical body and the unseen energetic fields to restore balance. When energy is blocked or unbalanced it stagnates leading to feelings of un-ease. Reiki treats the total person -body, emotions, mind, and spirit- bringing us into wholeness.

As a Reiki Master I have been attuned to the flow and vibrations of this healing life force. Working together with my intuitive gifts, I hold the intention for your highest good and healing while I help direct the flow of energy during sessions but you always remain in control of your treatment.  Reiki produces a calm radiance that flows through and around you, while you relax in a comfortable position, fully clothed, whether through a gentle hands-near treatment or through the intention of distance energy healing via the phone. It does not involve body work, such as massage, but compliments other types of treatments, including surgery, to create many beneficial effects that include relaxation, feelings of peace, security, and well-being as well as greater emotional clarity. Simple, natural, and safe, Reiki is a method of self-healing and self-improvement that can benefit everyone.

a few of my tools

Every Reiki therapist, just like every client and every healing session, is unique. I have a grounded, practical approach and incorporate several methods, such as guided visualization and meditation, sound, and crystals, to help clients get the most from their session while holding the desired intention for healing. Often, at the end of sessions, I share additional ideas and techniques that clients can continue on their own to enhance their healing and personal growth.

Cure vs. healing?

Reiki is considered a compliment to allopathic medicine, not a replacement. Oftentimes we reach out for a “fix.”  Energy healing, with Reiki being one technique of energy healing, has the end-goal to turn us inward to re-connect us with all aspects of ourselves.

Picture a rainbow. A rainbow is birthed from a balance of sun and rain. Try to remove the rain, what happens? Likewise, can you find the colors without the sun?

Finding the balance and interplay between our physical, emotional, and spiritual energy brings the gift of self-awareness and self-love. Self-awareness improves clarity and our ability to make more empowered choices which in turn brings us into unity with our relationships and situations in life.

Ready to experience Reiki?

At this time, Reiki treatments are available by phone only for either 60 minute or 90 minute sessions -all you need is a phone and a quiet place to be during your session.

My Reiki path

Following training in energetic clearing for homes and spaces, I began my Reiki work in 2015 with my Usui Level One Attunement. My experience tuning in to the flow of Divine love and healing opened my claircognizant abilities to a greater degree and I completed my Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master training in 2019. I am blessed to continue growing in self-awareness and healing as I share the peace and compassion of Reiki with those who are also on their own healing paths. I would be honored to journey with you.


Cai is an amazing presence with a beautiful gift. She facilitates a safe space for healing. her intuition and touch is nurturing. I felt much clearer and grounded after my session. I can’t wait for my next session!

Kristine F.

I always leave feeling I have learned something new about myself and my journey. I look forward to my appointments.

Candice B.

Cai is a very awesome human being. Her spirit is so calming and welcoming. she really made me feel this was where I needed to be at this moment. I would definitely recommend her services in reiki…

Sherri C.

I love going to my sessions…I’ve made so much improvement I love it!

Maria M.

So amazing. I am learning so much and am truly grateful for Cai and her willingness to work with me.

Rachel Z.